About Us

About Midachem

MidaChem International is an American Company with a history of sourcing chemical raw materials for more than 27 Years by 2020, our expertise developed through investing in different manufacturing projects around the MENA region that included manufacturing Printing Inks, Plastics Molding, Adhesive tape, Packaging, Detergent & Thinners manufacturing.

Our experiences developed even more with partnering with international suppliers of raw materials from the America’s, Europe, Far East countries.
We focus on coatings, Inks, Paints, Adhesives, Paper, Personal care, Home and fabric care, technical plastics and compounds.

We carefully select our suppliers and service providers to meet the requirements of our valued at any time, always be an efficient and reliable partner of our customers and stand by them for trading in chemicals.

MidaChem International is committed to providing affordable, efficient, and environmentally responsible products to the customers that we serve globally.